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P2E games are experiencing a breakthrough moment as the rest of the web3 sector has declined this year. The reasons why you should play P2E games will be discussed in this blog.

Blockchain gaming represents nearly 60% of web3 usage. In July 2022 alone, the sector had almost a million daily active users and saw $857 million volume in transactions. Find out why you should also join millions of others and jump into P2E action as well.

They outperformed DeFi and NFT market 

P2E games outperformed DeFi and the NFT market. Thus, P2E might potentially be the most impressive and exciting part in all of web3. If you’ve never played P2E games, you can dip a toe and see if you actually enjoy them. Moreover, there are plenty of upcoming games showing lots of promise and a bright future for P2E gaming.

The concept behind P2E gaming is that the rewards you win inside the game have actual value in the real-world. P2E games allow players to profit financially from their victories. Therefore, the tokens that you win by completing missions have a real life value. 

Things truly took off for P2E gaming in 2021, during the worldwide pandemic. P2E gaming emerged as a source of revenue as people were compelled to stay at home and were unable to work to earn money. Citizens of lesser economically developed countries played a major role in the blockchain gaming movement during this period.

Financial gain and passive income aside, many benefits of playing video games also apply to play-to-earn games. P2E games share this benefit by allowing players to compete and trade with each other for in-game items, as well as a real-world currency. 

One of the benefits of such games is the impact they have on the player’s mental health. Forbes explains that aside from providing players with relaxation and a break from work- or home-related stress, games can improve decision-making, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. This is especially important in P2E games, as the stakes are higher and in-game assets contain a real-world value.

Generally, strategy and higher skills are what set the top players of a play-to-earn game apart from the crowd, so taking the time to learn game mechanics and improve those aforementioned skills can go a long way for you both financially and mentally.

Another key distinction that P2E games have when compared to traditional video games is their decentralized nature. In other words, the ongoing development of P2E games is done collaboratively, with player feedback often taken into account by the developers to improve the game. It has to be mentioned that developing a game consistently and maintaining a healthy economy for the game is a big challenge for project developers.

The other significant part of P2E gaming is ownership. P2E, for the first time in gaming history, allows ownership of valuable digital items. Play to Earn gaming also offers users control over their in-game assets. Through blockchain and NFT technology, you can own your characters, skins, weapons, avatars, items and anything else you pay for.

At the moment, very few P2E games are anywhere near the level of sophistication that traditional games have reached. Considering the progress that P2E gaming has made in a short period, it seems only a matter of time before blockchain game studios catch up with their traditional counterparts. 

It also has to be considered that there are some problems associated with P2E gaming as we mentioned in our previous blogs

Mad Raid is aiming to solve the core problems associated with P2E gaming

Mad Raid is aiming to solve the core problems associated with P2E gaming and mainly focuses on evolving around the play-and-earn (PnE) concept. Mad Raid is a mobile multiplayer strategy game with a sustainable economic model. One of the main goals of the game is to produce a fun and competitive gameplay that combines features from both Free to Play and Play to Earn. The aim is to build a user-focused, adaptive, and innovative gaming experience for all, and focus on the Play and Earn aspect rather than Play to Earn.

Disclaimer: All information provided in the content is for informational purposes only and should not be perceived as investment, financial, or trading advice. Any investment decisions you make should be based on your personal preferences, financial expertise, and market research.


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